How many calories in digiorno pepperoni pizza

How many calories are in a digiorno pizza?

100% real cheese. No artificial flavors. Preservative free crust. Per 1 /6 Pizza : 300 calories ; 4.5 g sat fat (23% DV); 730 mg sodium (30% DV); 5 g sugars; 14 g protein (17% DV); calcium (15% DV).

How many calories are in a slice of frozen pepperoni pizza?

There are 432 calories in 1 serving of Pepperoni Pizza (Frozen, Cooked).

How many calories are in 1 pepperoni pizza?

A pepperoni slice contains 480 calories , 20 grams of fat, nine grams of saturated fat, and 980 milligrams of sodium.

What is a serving of DiGiorno pizza?

There are 579 calories in a 1 slice 1/4 of pie (227.000g) serving size of DIGIORNO Pizza , supreme topping, rising crust, frozen , baked. The calorie breakdown is 38% fat, 44% carbs, and 18% protein.

Why is DiGiorno pizza so good?

But DiGiorno hits all the most important notes you need for a pizza . It’s doughy, and therefore more filling, and it also has a superior cheese blend in a large enough quantity that you get a big melty slice every time. Plus all that extra cheese that baked onto the edges of the crust was just heavenly.

How many slices is a third of a pizza?

3 slices

How many calories do I burn a day?

To lose a pound, you need to have a good idea of how many calories you burn (use for energy) on an average day . According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the average adult woman expends roughly 1,600 to 2,400 calories per day , and the average adult man uses 2,000 to 3,000 calories per day .

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How many calories are in a whole frozen pizza?

It has 290 calories per serving, which is one-sixth of a pizza, or 1,740 calories for the whole pie (which, let’s be honest, is closer to what your average person eats when they’re in the mood for frozen pizza), and 10 grams of fat, 38 grams of carbohydrates and 670 milligrams of sodium per serving.

Which pizza has the lowest calories?

Thin crust pizzas almost always have less calories than a standard hand-tossed crust . And we all know that a deep dish or Chicago-style pizza will have the most calories of all.

What is the healthiest type of pizza?

Load Up Your Pizza With Veggies for Extra Nutrients. Opt for a Thin-Crust Pizza to Cut Down on Calories. Be Mindful of the Cheese You Choose to Limit Saturated Fat. Go for a Whole-Wheat Crust for Extra Nutrition or a Veggie Crust for Fewer Carbs. Choose Lean Proteins Like Chicken Over High-Sodium, High-Fat Pepperoni.

Who has the healthiest pizza?

These Are the 11 Healthiest Chain Restaurant Pizzas in the U.S. Pizza Hut. 1 of 11. Pizza Hut Thin ‘N Crispy Supreme Pizza. Papa Murphy’s . 2 of 11. Getty Images. 3 of 11. Photo by Brian T. EvansGetty Images. California Pizza Kitchen. 5 of 11. Little Caesars. 6 of 11. Marco’s Pizza. 7 of 11. Sbarro. 8 of 11.

How many calories are in a DiGiorno thin crust pizza?


What is the best frozen pizza?

17 Frozen Pizzas That Taste Better Than Delivery, Ranked Totino’s Party Pizza. Whole Foods 365 Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza. Amy’s 4 Cheese Pizza . Whole Foods 365 Thin Crust Supreme Pizza. Tombstone Original 5 Cheese Pizza . Newman’s Own Thin & Crispy Uncured Pepperoni Pizza. Amy’s BBQ Pizza.

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Do you put DiGiorno pizza on a pan?

Putting it directly on the rack allows the frozen pizza to get a nice crust on the bottom, before it gets soft, and that keeps it nice and flat even though there is plenty of space between the rack bars. If you cook it on a metal sheet (aluminum foil or a cookie sheet) you will have a much softer pizza bottom.

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