How many calories in a small shamrock shake

How unhealthy is a Shamrock Shake?

Now you might be asking yourself, ” How bad could one little milkshake really be?” You’re not going to like the truth. A small, 12-ounce Shamrock Shake contains 530 calories, 15 grams of fat (including 1 gram of dangerous trans fat), plus a whopping 73 grams of sugar. Again, that’s the small.

How many calories in a small McDonald’s Shamrock Shake?

460 calories

How many carbs are in a small Shamrock Shake?

A small Shamrock Shake has 460 calories , according to McDonald’s. It also has 13 grams of fat, 74 grams of carbs , and 10 grams of protein. About 120 of the shake’s over 400 calories are calories from fat. The Shamrock Shake has 150 milligrams of sodium and 55 milligrams of cholesterol.

How many calories does a Shamrock Shake have?

The Shamrock Shake, as manufactured by McDonald’s, is a pale neon green milkshake, served with whipped cream. It comes in three sizes ranging from small ( 460 calories and 13 grams of fat) to large ( 790 calories and 22 grams of fat).

Is McDonald’s Shamrock Shake good?

The shake is sweet, thick and delivers that original coolness from the mint flavor. It tastes refreshing, with a delicious chocolaty hint. Best way to drink it is to use your straw to blend the chocolate flavor and mint flavor together so you can taste both at the same time!

What’s inside a Shamrock Shake?

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake is the homemade version of the classic St. Patrick’s day treat made with vanilla ice cream, mint extract, whipped cream and a cherry.

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How many calories are in a small mcdonalds milkshake?

490 calories

What flavor is a Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s?

green mint

How many calories are in a large McDonald’s Shamrock Shake?

800 calories

Are there still Shamrock Shakes at McDonald’s?

Available in Small, Medium and Large. Get a Shamrock Shake or the new OREO® Shamrock McFlurry® before they ‘re gone, available at participating McDonald’s nationwide.

Do they still sell Shamrock Shakes?

It’s back! The iconic Shamrock Shake goes on sale today (February 19, 2020) at branches of McDonald’s nationwide ahead of St. Patrick’s Day. The famous shake , which celebrates its 50 birthday this year, will be available across the country for the first time since 2017.

How many calories are in a shamrock McFlurry?

Here’s the Oreo Shamrock McFlurry breakdown: vanilla soft serve spiked with Oreo cookie bits ‘n’ pieces, a jolt of minty Shamrock Shake syrup, finished off with whipped topping. Total calories: 560 . Fat grams: 17.

Are Shamrock Shakes back 2020?

5, 2020 — The first green of spring is right around the corner! McDonald’s Shamrock Shake ® will return on Feb. 19, marking the 50th anniversary of the legendary treat.

How many calories in a small McDonald’s strawberry shake?

296 calories

How much is a large Shamrock Shake?

McDonald’s Menu Prices

Food Size Price
Shake (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry) Large $2.99
Shamrock Shake (Limited Time) Small $2.19
Shamrock Shake (Limited Time) Medium $2.59
Shamrock Shake (Limited Time) Large $2.99

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