Thin mints calories

How many calories are in a sleeve of Thin Mints?

675 calories , 31g fat(22.3sat if you care about that!), and 45g sugar.

How bad are thin mints for you?

Although popular theory holds that Thin Mints are the healthiest of the cookie collection, these refreshing chocolatey treats — perhaps most popular of the bunch — are actually one of the worst. “ Thin Mints are very high in saturated fat, with 5 grams,” Namkoong says.

How many Thin Mints are in a box?

32 cookies

Are Thin Mints smaller?

Yes, there are quite a few less than say 5-10 years ago, and the cookies themselves are smaller . If they would keep the same amount in a box and keep the cookies the same size, I wouldn’t mind paying higher prices.

Which Girl Scout cookies have the lowest calories?

Shortbread and Trefoils were the clear winner among all of the Girl Scout Cookies. Compared with other varieties, they were the lowest in calories per cookie (30 and 32 calories, respectively). They were also the lowest in saturated fat and added sugars .

Are Thin Mints better frozen?

Thin Mints are fantastic by themselves. They’re even better after a brief dip in a glass of cold milk. Throw them in the freezer, and you’re dealing with an entirely different cookie all of a sudden. Hell, freeze one sleeve, and eat the other straight-up.

What is the most unhealthy cookie?

Mega Stuf Golden Oreo This cookie stole the #1 worst spot in our story on the 36 most popular cookies in America because of its dangerous trifecta: It’s high in calories, fat, and sugar. Plus, it’s packed with processed ingredients ranging from palm oil to artificial flavors.

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What is the number 1 selling Girl Scout cookie?

One in 10 Americans says their favorite Girl Scout cookie is Peanut Butter Patties (which you might also know as Tagalongs), while fewer chose Shortbread/Trefoils (7%), Caramel Chocolate Chip (6%), or Do-si-dos (5%).

How long do Thin Mints last?

The cookies are best if consumed within 3 months of freezing. They are safe much longer but they will taste the best if they aren’t frozen much longer than 3 months. Thin Mints are delicious when consumed straight out of the freezer, which is a bit dangerous if you are freezing them to help yourself not eat as many.

Did Thin Mints Change 2020?

Lemon-Ups, “a crispy lemon cookie baked with messages inspired by Girl Scout entrepreneurs,” are a new cookie for the 2020 season, the Girl Scouts say. They replace the Savannah Smiles and accompany the Lemonades, made by ABC Bakers. Both make Thin Mints and Girl Scout S’mores, though their recipes are different.

How much do Thin Mints cost?

Girl Scouts will continue to sell staples like Thin Mints and S’mores in addition to the new lemon cookie. Also notable, all eight varieties of Girl Scout cookies will go up in price by $1 in 2020. Most boxes of cookies will cost $5.

Are Thin Mints toxic to dogs?

Michele, if your concern about the chocolate, 7 mint chocolate cookies should not be toxic to a 30 lbs dog , these cookies mainly are lots of sugar and dough, very little chocolate. This can however cause vomiting and diarrhea. For now observe her, no need to induce vomiting with peroxide.

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Why do Thin Mints taste different?

Thin Mints ABC Bakers make their cookies crunchier and place more of an emphasis on the mint taste than the chocolate, while Little Brownie Bakers include a rich, smooth chocolate coating on their cookies. Their thin mints also have a peppermint flavor , as opposed to the mint flavor from ABC Bakers.

Why Are Thin Mints the best?

If health and snacking don’t seem like they go together, think again. To enjoy four Thin Mints , it is only 160 calories and seven grams of fat, making it the healthiest option for a little pick-me-up snack. The runner-up cookies, Samoas, have the same calorie and fat levels at only two cookies.

How much money do Girl Scouts get per box of cookies?

Who can blame them? The Girl Scout Cookie Program is big business, worth about $800 million in annual sales. This year, one box of Girl Scout cookies costs five bucks. Of that fiver, only 75 cents, or 15%, goes to my daughter’s troop.

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