Quiche lorraine calories

How many calories are in a large slice of quiche?

Nutrition Information

Nutrients Amount
Total Calories 133
Total Fat 7 g
Saturated Fat 3 g
Cholesterol 104 mg

How many calories are in a slice of spinach quiche?


Nutrition Facts
Servings: 6
Calories 377
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 16g 20%

Is Quiche good for a diet?

Usually made with gobs of cheese, heavy cream, and eggs, quiche is normally a calorie-dense dish. Instead, this quiche slashes calories and fat with egg whites, fat-free cheese, turkey bacon and skim milk—not to mention a crust made of grated sweet potatoes that is so tasty, you’ll never miss traditional pastry dough.

How many carbs are in a slice of quiche?

Quiche, With Spinach

Nutrient Value % Goal
Total Carbs 17.1g 57.1 %
Net Carbs info 15.5g 51.6 %
Diab. Net Carbs info 15.5g
Fiber 1.6g

How many calories are in a small quiche?

Nutrition Facts

Per (2 mini quiches (43 g))
Amount % Daily Value*
Calories 130
Fat 8 g 12 %
Saturated 4 g 20 %

Is Quiche high in fat?

The major nutritional drawback of a quiche comes from its pastry crust and cheese content. In addition to containing refined grains due to its white flour content, the crust also often contains unhealthy saturated fat . As a result, increasing the nutritional value of quiche is often as simple as omitting the crust.

How many calories are in a cheese quiche?

Nutritional analysis (per serving): 577 calories . 23g protein. 48g fat. 723mg sodium.

How many calories should I be eating a day?

Estimates range from 1,600 to 2,400 calories per day for adult women and 2,000 to 3,000 calories per day for adult men. Within each age and sex category, the low end of the range is for sedentary individuals; the high end of the range is for active individuals.

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How many carbs is in quinoa?

Quinoa is a seed that’s packed with protein, fiber, and nutrients. But it’s not a low-carb food. A cup of cooked quinoa has more than 39 grams of carbohydrates. That’s 50% more than in the same amount of brown rice and almost as many carbs as in white rice.

What food group is quiche?

Quiche (/ˈkiːʃ/ KEESH) is a French tart consisting of pastry crust filled with savoury custard and pieces of cheese , meat , seafood or vegetables . The best-known variant is quiche Lorraine, which includes lardons or bacon. Quiche can be served hot or cold.

What sides go with quiche?

Now, if you prefer balancing out the decadence of quiche with something light and nutritious, roasted veggies are the way to go. Whether it’s asparagus, carrots, potatoes, or bell peppers, it will taste a lot better if you roast it in the oven.

What is a quiche without crust called?

A quiche is an unsweetened custard pie with savory fillings such as as spinach, mushrooms, or ham. A frittata is like a crustless quiche or an unfolded omelet.

Does a quiche have carbs?

Quiche is one of the tastiest (and classiest) dishes you can make, either to treat yourself or when you want to impress the neighbors at a dinner party. But quiche traditionally has lots of carbs , which is a huge no-no if you’re following the keto diet as you should .

How many calories are in a broccoli and cheddar quiche?

Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. Nancy’s(r) Broccoli & Cheddar Quiche 6 oz. Box.

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Saturated Fat
Calories : Less than
2,000 20g
2,500 25g

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