Pick up stix calories

How many calories are in a Pick Up Stix house special chicken?

620 calories

Does Pickup Stix have MSG?

Pick Up Stix combines the cooking style of China with American service, woking each dish fresh to order. Since each order is wok’d fresh to the guests’ request, there are no steam tables in the restaurants, and MSG is never used.

Is Pick Up Stix chow mein vegetarian?

While some people have mistakenly ordered and claimed the vegetable chowmein and fried-rice are vegan , they’re not. Removing the eggs from them doesn’t make them vegan as by default they’re not even vegetarian according to what Pick Up Stix told us.

Is Pick Up Stix gluten free?

Gluten Free 150 cal – Soybeans steamed until tender and perfect. Japanese Miso Chicken Salad 370 cal Gluten Free Thai Coconut Curry 210 cal Gluten Free – White chicken with fresh green beans, red peppers, carrots, white onions and broccoli in our creamy Thai coconut curry Grilled Bourbon 310 cal Gluten Free – Tender

How Much Is Pick Up Stix?

Pick Up Stix Menu

House Special Chicken $6.99
Chicken & Vegetables $7.29
Garlic Chicken $6.99
Szechwan Chicken $6.99
Orange Peel Chicken $6.99

Why did Pick Up Stix close?

marketing executive at the fast-casual Chinese food chain. She said the company took “a hard look” at the sales performance of each store, and decided to close the stores because of the “current economic situation.” The units closed in mid-January.

What kind of food is pick up sticks?

Pick Up Stix is a “fast-casual” restaurant chain based in Laguna Hills, California, that serves fresh Asian cuisine (or Chinese-American cuisine as well) through corporate-owned restaurants and franchises in Southern California.

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