Kinder egg calories

How many calories is a Kinder egg?

Nutritional info

Amount/Serving (1 egg or 20g) % DV*
Calories 110
Total Fat 6g 8%
Sat. Fat 3g 15%
Trans Fat 0g

How many calories are in a kinder Easter egg?

Kinder Surprise Easter Egg: 579 calories .

Why are kinder eggs banned in the US?

It is sold in many parts of the world, just not in the U.S. CORNISH: That’s because for years, the Food and Drug Administration has banned the Kinder Surprise . It’s considered a choking hazard due to the mix of edible and non-edible parts.

How much sugar is in a Kinder egg?


Typical values Per egg (20g)
of which Saturates (g) 4.5
Carbohydrates (g) 10.5
of which Sugars (g) 10.4
Protein (g) 1.6

What’s the difference between Kinder Joy and Kinder Surprise?

Kinder Surprise eggs are still not allowed in the United States, but Kinder Joy eggs are. Kinder Joy eggs aren’t new, however. They were launched in Italy in 2001, and are particularly popular in India and China.

What is inside a Kinder egg?

For starters, the egg is made of plastic, not chocolate. It also has a different name: Kinder Joy. When cracked open, the Joy splits into two separately sealed halves, one containing the toy, the other holding a swirl of edible cream, two chocolate wafer balls and a small plastic spoon.

How many calories are in a whole Easter egg?

The super-popular Easter egg contains a whopping 982 calories .

How many calories are in a Cadburys egg?

150 calories

How many calories are in a small Easter egg?

Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons Small Easter Egg : 392 calories . Malteser Mini Milk Egg & Bunny: 421 calories . Milkybar Small Easter Egg : 392 calories .

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Can I bring Kinder Eggs into the US 2020?

Kinder eggs are a prohibited item because they contain a toy surprise , hidden inside, that poses a choking and aspiration hazard for children younger than three years of age. Kinder Eggs may not be imported into the United States and will be confiscated and destroyed.

Does the US have Kinder eggs?

Although Kinder Surprise eggs continue to be banned in the U.S. today, the country does offer an alternative treat. They’re called Choco Treasure eggs .

Can I send a Kinder egg to America?

Kinder Surprise eggs are prohibited from being mailed to the U.S. because the toy inside poses a choking hazard, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

How much does a Kinder egg cost?

The traditional Kinder egg , costs about 80 pence and weights 20g.

How many grams is a Kinder egg?

NEW KINDER SURPRISE EGGS 72 x 20 grams , total 1440 grams , German Edition: Kitchen & Home.

Are Kinder Eggs illegal in the US 2019?

Technically, Kinder Surprise eggs are banned in the U.S. by the FDA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Surprise eggs consist of a milk chocolate shell with a capsule inside that contains a toy — but that’s considered a choking hazard. That configuration clears up any issues with U.S. regulators, Ferrero said.

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