Firehouse subs calories

How many calories are in a firehouse sub?


How many calories are in a small firehouse sub?

All of our subs are now available in a small size. Under 500 calories , and starting at just $3.99.

Are Firehouse Subs healthy?

Firehouse Subs now has a new menu geared toward healthy eaters. The sandwiches have the same portion size of meat as a medium-sized sub but cut calories with new recipes built upon Firehouse Subs ‘ private recipe wheat sub roll, Sargento cheeses and the addition of Duke’s Light Mayonnaise.

How many calories are in a firehouse Hook and Ladder sub?


How many calories are in a large firehouse sub?


What is healthy at Firehouse Subs?

Firehouse Salad (330-400 calories ; No meat – 240 calories ): Smoked turkey breast, grilled chicken or Virginia honey ham. Italian with Grilled Chicken (490 calories ): Salami and grilled chicken. Hook & Ladder Salad (370 calories ): Smoked turkey breast and Virginia honey ham.

How many calories should I be eating to lose weight?

When trying to lose weight , a general rule of thumb is to reduce your calorie intake to 500 fewer calories than your body needs to maintain your current weight . This will help you lose about 1 pound (0.45 kg) of body weight per week.

How big is a large firehouse sub?

4 inches

What is the most popular firehouse sub?

1. Firehouse Subs. Almost three-fifths of recent customers rate Firehouse Subs’ sandwiches as crave-worthy, elevating these sandwiches to the most craveable top spot. Consumers specifically point to the Hook & Ladder as sparking cravings, a sub featuring smoked turkey breast , Virginia honey ham and melted Monterey Jack

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Is Firehouse better than Subway?

Firehouse is good. I like there hot subs, definitely better than the likes of Subways /Quiznos/Blimpie, but not the best. Jersey Mike’s is my #1 overall, but that’s because of their cold cuts, not hot subs. Firehouse is overpriced and their sandwiches are small.

Are hoagies fattening?

But, as with most things that are off-the-chart delicious, hoagies aren’t the healthiest things on the menu. In fact, a classic Italian hoagie has roughly: 700 calories. 50g of fat.

What brand of deli meat does Firehouse Subs use?

USDA Choice roast beef, smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham, and melted provolone, served Fully Involved.

What does Hook and Ladder mean?

So, the roof ladder is used to provide better footing and safety. It carried the famed “ hook ”, giving it the name “ Hook and Ladder ”. The hook was used to pull down damaged buildings or chimneys to stop the spread of fire by creating a fire break.

How many carbs are in Firehouse Subs?

Pastrami Sub , Large (Hold the onion & mayo): 400 calories | 18g fat | 11g carbs | 2g fiber | 46g protein. Roast Beef Sub , Large (Hold the onion & mayo): 430 calories | 17g fat | 8g carbs | 2g fiber | 49g protein. Veggie Sub , Large (Hold the onion & mayo): 350 calories | 25g fat | 14g carbs | 4g fiber | 21g protein.

What is a hook and ladder sandwich?

Smoked turkey breast, Virginia honey ham, and melted Monterey Jack, served Fully Involved.

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