Calories in wendy’s jr bacon cheeseburger

What’s on Wendy’s JR bacon cheeseburger?

Wendy’s Junior Bacon Cheeseburger takes a small square hamburger patty, adds two small, thin slices of hickory-smoked bacon, a slice of American cheese , a fistful of hand-leafed iceberg lettuce , a slice of tomato , a spread of mayonnaise and sticks it between a toasted egg bun.

How much is a JR bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s?

Wendy’s Menu Prices

Food Price
Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe $1.89
Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger $1.99
Double Stack $2.09
6 Pc. Regular or Spicy Chicken Nuggets $1.79

How many calories are in a junior cheeseburger deluxe from Wendy’s?

360 calories

Does Wendy’s have a bacon cheeseburger?

Bacon Cheeseburger to the Son of Baconator® and Baconator® you might say we’re a little obsessed with bacon . Wendy’s Applewood smoked bacon is smoked over the wood of apple trees which flavors the bacon with sweetness and fruitiness increasing its deliciousnessness.

What brand of bacon does Wendy’s use?

Applewood Smoked Bacon

What is the son of baconator?

A chip off the old block, Son of Baconator features two NZ quality mark sourced beef patties , four slices of Manuka smoked bacon and NZ cheese on a warm bun.

Does Wendy’s still have 2 for $5?

Wendy’s 2 For $5 Meal Deal Is Back With New Classic Chicken Sandwich. Wendy’s welcomes back their fan-favorite 2 for $5 Meal Deal, and this time around they’re including the new Classic Chicken Sandwich as an option.

Does Wendy’s have 50 nuggets for $10?

Similarly, does Wendy’s have 50 nuggets for $10 ? And frankly compared to some of the other big fast food chains, Wendy’s is generally much better in terms of freshness of food and offerings. But yeah, we have the 50 nugget for $10 deal here too.

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How many calories are in a Wendy’s Frosty’s Ccino?

200 calories

How many calories are in a cheeseburger from Wendy’s?

280 calories

Do Wendy’s fries have sugar?

Wendy’s adds dextrose, a sugar derived from corn, and sodium acid pyrophosphate, a chemical that prevents the fries from turning brown from two baths in frying oil — one at the factory and the other at the store.

How many calories are in Wendy’s Junior fries?

Wendy’s French Fries

Nutrient Value % Goal
Calories 226.5
Total Carbs 28.0g 93.3%
Net Carbs info 25.4g 84.6%
Diab. Net Carbs info 25.4g

What is Wendy’s most popular burger?

1. Baconator. Ever since the Baconator was introduced to the Wendy’s menu back in 2007, it has been a fan favorite. With not one, but two beef patties and cheese slices, this masterpiece is topped with crispy bacon , mayo, and ketchup.

Did Wendy’s bring back the Big Bacon Classic?

Wendy’s Is Bringing Back Its Big Bacon Classic Cheeseburger That Boasts 3 Strips Of Bacon . The Big Bacon Classic has all the fixing of a Wendy’s bacon cheeseburger, made with that square patty topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, pickles, and cheese, all on a bun.

Is the Big Bacon Classic back?

Wendy’s Big Bacon Classic – a 90s favorite – is back as the latest addition to the Made to Crave lineup. Because the Big Bacon Classic is topped with three strips of delicious Applewood smoked bacon .

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