Banana nut bread calories

How many calories are in a large slice of banana bread?

Calories in Banana Bread~ One 1/2″ thick piece = 1 serving

Calories 164.4
Potassium 96.6 mg
Total Carbohydrate 23.6 g
Dietary Fiber 0.6 g
Sugars 12.4 g

Is Banana Nut Bread bad for you?

Nutrition Facts There’s a lot of variation in the nutrition info for banana bread recipes. Those made with butter and eggs come out higher in unhealthy saturated fat and cholesterol, while those made with vegetable oils are still high in fat and calories, but contain more heart-healthy fats.

How many calories is Starbucks banana nut bread?

420 Calories

How many calories are in date nut bread?

Nutrition Facts

Amount per serving
Calories 290 Calories from fat: 150

Are bananas bad for losing weight?

Like most fruits, bananas are not a source of fat or protein, just carbohydrates. When compared with other fruits, like berries, bananas are higher in energy (calories), which gives them a bad reputation of not being “good” for weight loss .

How many calories should a man eat to lose weight?

As a guide, men need around 2,500 kcal (10,500kJ) a day to maintain a healthy body weight, and women need around 2,000 kcal a day (8,400kJ). If you need to lose weight, aim to lose about 0.5 to 1kg (1 to 2lb) a week until you reach a healthy weight for your height.

What is the healthiest breakfast bread?

Here are the 7 healthiest breads you can choose. Sprouted whole grain. Sprouted bread is made from whole grains that have started to sprout from exposure to heat and moisture. Sourdough . 100% whole wheat. Oat bread . Flax bread. 100% sprouted rye bread . Healthy gluten-free bread.

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How many calories are in a slice of homemade banana nut bread?

216 calories

Are banana nut muffins good for you?

While a banana or banana nut muffin may sound naturally healthy , they are often loaded with fat and sugar. These excess nutrients and calories can contribute to excess weight, which may put your heart at risk.

How much is banana nut bread from Starbucks?

One of the most surprising dairy-free treats at Starbucks is pumpkin bread . Even their banana bread and pumpkin muffins contain milk ingredients, so I honestly could not believe that dairy-free folks can enjoy this fall treat just like everyone else. How Much Does banana nut bread cost at Starbucks ?

Food Price
Banana Nut Bread $2.75
Iced Lemon Pound Cake $2.45

Does Starbucks coffee cake have nuts?

The world’s biggest coffee chain offers cake that is moist and buttery, with a perfect cinnamon streusel crumb topping and a strip of cinnamon sugar through the middle. Sometimes the cake is topped with chopped pecans and some may be dusted on top with a little powdered sugar.

How do you make banana nut bread from scratch?

How to Make Banana Nut Bread Mix the butter/shortening with sugar until fluffy. This incorporates air into the mixture for a tender bread . Mix dry and wet ingredients (per recipe below) just until combined. Fold in nuts . Spread into a loaf pan and top with cinnamon sugar pecans. Bake about 1 hour.

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